Biocide Sealer Additive

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Biocide Sealer Additive
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(MSRP) 32.99

Prevents mold, mildew and algae growth on stone and grout. It is safe for the environment, has no odor and contains no VOCs! 

Just add this treatment to your sealer (one bottle to one gallon of either water-based or solvent-based sealer) then seal your stone or grout as usual.

Penetrating sealers, or what are more commonly called impregnators, are great products to protect stone and grout surfaces staining. The problem is mold, mildew, algae and other biological growths can still flourish. Dr. Fred has formulated an additive that can be added to any water-based or solvent-based impregnator that will inhibit this biological growth.

Anywhere there is water on the surface of stone-- pool copings, patios, showers, floors, etc. -- creates an environment where mildew and mold can grow. Dr Fred’s Sealer Biocide will inhibit this growth through a new technology that can’t be found anywhere else.

Mold and mildew growth is not just ugly, many people are allergic to molds and mildews and in some cases these biological growths can be toxic.